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David Cronenberg turns George Langelaan’s science-fiction short story (previously adapted for the screen in 1958) into a horror cinema masterpiece, placing Jeff Goldblum in the shoes of scientist Seth Brundle whose revolutionary teleportation device has a disastrous side effect when an innocent fly disrupts his self-inhabited test-run. More

For Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis), a journalist who winds up in a romantic fling with Seth, this technological breakthrough is the scoop she’s looking for. But Seth’s seemingly successful human trial – in which he was the guinea pig – is disfiguring him, slowly. At first, he gains some spectacular superhuman abilities, only to succumb to mutations that become increasingly more grotesque – and Veronica is the unfortunate witness…

1986Rating: MA15+96 minsUSA, UK, Canada
HorrorScience FictionClassic
David Cronenberg ('Eastern Promises', 'A History of Violence', 'Videodrome')
David CronenbergCharles Edward Pogue
Jeff GoldblumGeena DavisJohn GetzGeorge Chuvalo


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Best Makeup at the Academy Awards 1987

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Not for the squeamish. Casting Jeff Goldblum was a good choice as he brings a quirky, common touch to the spacey scientist role.

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Time Out

Time Out

The playful, quirky chemistry between Goldblum and Davis in the first half of the movie ensures that this gothic horror is heartbreaking as well as stomach-churning.

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Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times

What makes The Fly such a stunning piece of obsessive film making is the way Cronenberg deftly allows us to identify with his monstrous creation.

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