The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener


Love. At any cost.

Director Fernando Meirelles' follow up to City Of God, based on the best selling novel by John Le Carre. Stars Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz (in an Oscar winning performance). Shot in Germany, England and Kenya.... More

When an activist (Rachel Weisz), working in Kenya, is found murdered, her widower (Ralph Fiennes), struck with grief, dives head first into the mystery surrounding her death. "Like many Le Carre stories, it begins with grief and proceeds with sadness toward horror" (Chicago Sun-Times).Hide

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A taste of perfection! With great performances by Rachel Weisz (especially!) and Ralph Fiennes who both breath life into this breathtaking thriller about a corrupt pharmaceutical company who are conducting illegal experimentation's on the people of a tribal village in Africa. A real gem to behold .

It's a testament to Meireilles that the movie seems to slowly draw you in and hooks you as you along. It challenges the viewer to see the poverty and forces you to face your own complacency in the world - just like the film's main character. A powerful and moving story that I think will be an award favourite.

BY Jameson grader

Emotionally empty, anti-capitalist hoo-ha about a looney marxist conspiracy theory that the western world is out to get the 3rd world. The truth is, thanks to modern medicine, devolped in the west, the average life span in Africa has more than doubled in the last 100 years. Boring B.S.

BY Anne1 superstar

Conspiarcy theory inflicted on viewers though the emotion of inpoverished African country.
A not too bad story line, light on intrigue and heavy on jerky camera action that left me feeling seasick by the end. So distracting.


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  • The film is far from faultless... But this is a powerful and affecting film, a thinking person's thriller... Full Review

  • (1/2) This late-August release comes in the nick of time to prove a point: Movies that give a damn do have a place in summer. <br /><br />Director (1/2 Movies that give a damn do have a place in summer... Full Review