The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales

(Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contes)

The creators of Oscar nominee Ernest & Celestine tell a few children's animated tales centred around a countryside farm: a timid fox that becomes an accidental parent to chicks, a rabbit that pretends to be a stork, and a duck who wants to be the new Santa.

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  • Renner and Imbert spend more time dishing out jokes than they do weaving the kind of meaningful narrative that made Ernest & Celestine so special, yet while Fox is more of a slaphappy romp than a morality play, there's still a method to the madness. Full Review

  • An affectionate and energetic madcap effort that might not completely match its predecessor's bursting heart, but still remains charming and engaging. Full Review

  • The fusion of the performers' droll delivery, the spare yet expressive character designs and well-observed movement creates a real warmth and wit. Full Review

  • The result is a kooky farmyard-set compendium that has the manic energy of the best Ice Age movies as well as, occasionally, the delicate heart of a Pixar classic. Full Review

  • In divisive times, Pig and his friends, who consist of maybe a dozen drawn lines apiece, provide much-needed laughter in the tradition of the great Warner Bros. cartoons. Full Review