The Art of the Steal (2013)

The Art of the Steal (2013)


It takes a great artist to pull off the perfect con.

Heist comedy caper starring Kurt Russell as a failed daredevil, leading a gang of thieves (including Matt Dillon, Terence Stamp and Jay Baruchel) as they attempt to steal a multi-million-dollar antique book.... More

"Russell plays Crunch Calhoun, a motorcycle daredevil vaunted less for his death-defying leaps than his calamitous crash landings. Crunch also fancies himself something of a master thief, but winds up in prison when he's double-crossed by Nicky (Dillon), his brother and partner in crime. Released after serving his sentence, the cash-strapped former stuntman is inevitably tempted to complete one last score, and reluctantly reunites with his scheming sibling. With a painstaking plan in place and the old crew reassembled, the million-dollar question becomes: can the Calhoun brothers pull off the job before their tenuous truce unravels?" (Toronto Film Festival)Hide

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44% of critics recommend.
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  • It's fairly transparent to anyone who's seen more than a couple of con-man pictures. Indeed, the plot is so perfunctory and shrug-worthy that it seems to function primarily as an excuse to let the cast riff. Full Review

  • Satisfies both our vicarious greed and the desire some viewers will have to see a priceless work of art wind up in the hands of someone who couldn't care less about its price. Full Review

  • Made up of plundered parts from the Oceans series and The Usual Suspects, and-like several of the forged tomes that figure in the plot-it's a pale imitation. Full Review

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