The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau


Sci-fi romance starring Matt Damon as David, a charismatic United States Congressman who seems destined for political stardom. He meets a beautiful ballet dancer named Elise (Emily Blunt) in Manhattan, but mysterious circumstances keep them apart. David discovers forces are at work and he peels back the layers to find out why.... More

This is based on a short story by sci-fi master Philip K. Dick, whose work has served as inspiration for Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, A Scanner Darkly, Next and Paycheck.Hide

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Philip K. Dick adaptations don’t usually fall into the romantic thriller department, unless I’m missing something about Quaid and Kuato’s relationship in Total Recall, but The Adjustment Bureau is as much about Matt Damon and Emily Blunt’s love story as its typically Dick-ish paranoid sci-fi elements. Not that the two have the most amazing movie star chemistry, but there’s something relaxed and believable about their interest in one another that stands in stark contrast to the film their characters are living in.
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The Adjustment Bureau is at its best when they are on screen together. When they’re not, we get Matt Damon running down a street, through a magic door, or being relentlessly explained at – sometimes by Mad Men’s John Slattery, other times by Terence Stamp. Problem is, the film’s premise only stands up for about a few minutes. That’s why it was written as a short story. Some of the key explanations, such as why the Bureau can access magic doors (spoiler alert – magic hats) are so ridiculous that how the actors kept straight faces is beyond me.

It’s a shame because, with a little bit more acknowledgment of the preposterous elements of the film, The Adjustment Bureau may have been a little more enjoyable instead of taking itself so seriously.Hide

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The marketing lied (who knew?) If this was sold as a romance it'd be far less of a let-down. Think THE TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE - that sort of romantic flic with a sci-fi flavour. just a small flavouring, mind you. It's also a free will vs fate kinda message movie - watered down to appease Christians, Buddhists, Hindus - hell, just about every religious persuaison and atheists who are into Karma too. It's ok. Nothing more. But see it for what it is - a romance - and you'll be a lot lot less... More disappointed than this movie-goer. BLADE RUNNER it ain't. ROMEO & JULIET in Proyas' DARK CITY it is... sort of... Anyway, it's a romance flic, ok?Hide

Movie was ok but would never see it again! Knew how it was going to end from the start.

BY Jade-Francis superstar

i was expecting something a bit better, it was kinda a drag when Matt Damon would go for it and then give up, go for it then give up, they could of wrapped up the whole movie in 20 minutes if you ask me

BY clararar superstar'll be disappointed, like I was! Unfortunately the trailer pretty much sold The Adjustment Bureau as such, so I was sorely disappointed by the lack of action. Overall it wasn't too bad a story, and I didn't mind either Damon or Blunt's performances, but the ending was a bit too cheesy to swallow. Okay as light entertainment but wouldn't especially recommend it.

BY Zee grader

Let's be honest, the only two movies Matt Damon has acted well in is 'The Departed' and 'Good Will Hunting' and even then he was carried on the back of some brilliant actors (Robin Williams and Leonardo Di Caprio). This movie was no exception the acting was average and please don't get me started on the story line! I just didn't enjoy it at all.

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  • It's a cute enough idea, and it's certainly one that has been doing the rounds of movie theatres and fiction since before my time: our lives are not our own, and somewhere out there, maybe hidden in plain sight before us, an army of agents are prodding things this way and that to ensure the world turns out as they want it to. Full Review

  • By keeping the pace quick, the explanation light and the characters strong, Nolfi achieves the near-impossible: a film puzzle you won't mind leaving unexplained. Full Review

  • Despite wobbling under the weight of some hefty ideas while straddling two genres, this sci-fi mystery surprises by emerging as a sweet, star-powered romance. It’s not Blade Runner. It’s not Minority Report. It’s worth chasing down though. Full Review

  • Its fun first hour soon gives way to a leaden, expository approach that unwisely favors emotional stakes over speculative-fiction smarts. Full Review

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