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Set in the idyllic cove of Costa Brava in the Mediterranean, this Spanish culinary romantic dramedy tells the story of a broken-up couple who decide to keep their year-long booking for the closing of the “best restaurant in the world”. More

Marc (Jan Cornet) and Rachel (Claudia Bassols) made their dinner reservation a year ago, and a lot has happened in that time. They haven't seen each other for almost a year, for starters, having separated. And, as they've discovered, the restaurant will close for good the day after their booking. Devoted to this culinary event - if not each other - the two agree to keep their date.

2013Rating: M, Infrequent coarse language83 minsSpainCatalan and English with English subtitles
ComedyWorld Cinema

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Flicks, Steve Newall

Flicks, Steve Newall

The closing night of “the best restaurant in the world” – think a seaside elBulli – provides the backdrop for this European ensemble rom-com. Dishing out degustation-sized portions of both those ingredients along with an equally light, foamy serve of drama, Tasting Menu doesn’t focus on its gastronomic elements as much as one would expect, instead opting to combine delicate amounts of the aforementioned ingredients for a polite, if insubstantial, film-watching experience.

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