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Author and comedian Sarah Cooper - who exploded into contemporary satirical consciousness with her hilarious (and sometimes horrifying) social media... More

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Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine is available to stream in Australia... More now on Netflix.

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"In spite of the famous faces surrounding her, Cooper is the undeniable star of the special (although Jon Hamm is pretty hilarious in a parody of the My Pillow commercials). ... It's hard not to compare Cooper to late night comedians and recent "Saturday Night Live" episodes made under pandemic conditions, but "Everything's Fine" feels so much more natural than those shows (although made under considerably less time pressure)."

USA TodayUSA Today

"It looks like a non-stop parade of celebrity cameos and leftover “Saturday Night Live” sketches that often feel too long. As a special that showcases Cooper’s talent and actual voice, it’s even less successful. Cooper is often overshadowed by the celebrities who surround her."


"Even for a fan, “enjoy” might not be quite the right verb. “Everything’s Fine” is a dark and uncomfortable hour, in its glitchy mix of the banal and the bizarre something more likely to show up on Adult Swim or IFC than Netflix. It’s funny, but it won’t necessarily make you laugh."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"On balance it’s worth the 50-minute investment on the strength of Cooper’s undeniable comedic skill set and her enormous likability, and an almost overwhelming number of guest contributors."

Chicago Sun-TimesChicago Sun-Times

"At its best, Everything's Fine is a reminder that everything is most certainly not fine, conjuring laughter by capturing the sheer absurdity of it all, much like Cooper's Trump-channeling videos. That's the gift, in essence, that Cooper has doled out in 60-second bites to those slowly losing their minds, and if nothing else, the special feels like well-deserved recognition for services rendered."


"Often funny, always striking document of what living feels like in this fraught and febrile year."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Cooper's charisma and her outstanding ability to convey Trump's obscene ineptitude through physical performance ensure that these gags land. However, and smartly, Lyonne and producers don't rely too heavily on the impersonation aspect Cooper's brand with which most of us are familiar. There's a share of that, but mainly "Everything's Fine" shows us Cooper's natural talent."


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