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Drama pairing the talents of independent filmmaking giant Jim Jarmusch and actor Adam Driver (TV's Girls, Inside Llewyn Davis). Nominated... More

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Paterson is available to stream in Australia now on YouTube... More and Google TV and Apple TV Store and Prime Video Store.

Paterson | Ratings & Reviews

"Weird, magical details loom at the edges of Paterson, but they aren’t its main consideration. Director Jim Jarmusch is more concerned with celebrating ordinary people and the rituals that make up their days."

Flicks, Tony StampFlicks

"The appeal of the Jarmusch vision shrinks down - in every way - to something relatively minimal."


"A mesmeric treat of a film - one of Jarmusch's best."

Total FilmTotal Film

"A lovely fable about the fragile, fruitful and occasionally fraught relationship between creativity and everyday life."

Time OutTime Out

"It's a thrilling rumination on the mimetic aspects of poetry, the inexplicable drive towards creativity and the search for meaning in the most simple acts of human expression."

The TimesThe Times

"Slowly but surely, the gentleness of Jim Jarmusch's lovely new film steals up on you."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Jarmusch's film, like its main character is almost an anachronism in these modern times, a thoughtful, sedate, slowly-unfolding narrative that rewards patience."


"A delightful, meandering meditation on finding art and beauty in the most ordinary of places."

New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

"Everything is structured to evoke poetry through its measured pacing. The space left between events and interactions shows Jarmusch at his most poised."

Little White LiesLittle White Lies

"A mild-mannered, almost startlingly undramatic work that offers discreet pleasures to longtime fans of the New York indie-scene veteran, who can always be counted on to go his own way."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Quiet, thoughtful and deeply human, this is one of Jarmusch's finest and features Adam Driver's best performance yet - although you do risk coming out with a new affection for modernist poetry."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

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Award winner
Winner of the Palm Dog (Nellie), 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
M, Mature themes and coarse language
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