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Cedric Klapisch, whose When the Cat's Away and The Spanish Apartment delighted in the bonds of tight community, here extends his attention to all... More

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"Given that Paris is arguably the most gorgeous and romantic example of urban sprawl in the world, it takes a special film to live up to that title. Cedric Klapisch's multi-layered love letter to his home city nails it."

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"Gallic helmer Cedric Klapisch ("L'Auberge espagnole") stays well within his comfort zone in every sense with "Paris." Likeable if hardly groundbreaking dramedy features most of Klapisch's favorite elements, including romantic angst, crisscrossing storylines, thesp Romain Duris (leading a big-name ensemble that includes Juliette Binoche) and the real star of the show, the City of Lights itself."


"Klapisch weaves a fascinating web with this diverse collection of characters, some of whom discover what they want only after being exposed to what they do not want. Like the circular nature of the environs of Paris, the story always comes back to Pierre; Duris is intense, enigmatic and charismatic. I wanted to jump on the next plane to Paris; but if travel is not an option, Klapisch's film is a rich and satisfying indulgence."

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"As is the nature of any multi-character cavalcade, the film suffers from a lack of exposition. Characters are introduced and just as quickly dropped. A plot line regarding a Cameroonian's attempt to illegally make his way to France shows great potential, but is frustratingly underdeveloped. Fortunately, Duris is there as the film's glue, pulling the picture back together whenever it threatens to fall apart. While it might lack a certain emotional gravitas, Paris is none-the-less a lighthearted and satisfying ode to the City of Love."

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