Only God Forgives

89 mins
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Ryan Gosling and director Nicolas Winding Refn reunite after 2011's Drive, with this violent, Bangkok-set revenge thriller. Julian (Gosling) is tasked... More

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Only God Forgives | Ratings & Reviews

"Eliciting boos at Cannes before winning top honours at the Sydney Film Fest, Only God Forgives is proving even more polarising than the last Nicolas Winding Refn / Ryan Gosling collaboration, Drive. Ostensibly a crime narrative, tonally it’s more of a surreal horror."

Flicks, Tony StampFlicks

"Kristin Scott Thomas easily upstages Ryan Gosling's near-catatonic turn... an exercise in supreme style and minimal substance."


"It’s no "Drive," and even hardcore fans will struggle to love a film that’s as mad as a bag of prawn crackers, but as an exercise in style, it has many moments to savour."

Total FilmTotal Film

"Style over substance doesn’t really tell the half of it: you can bathe a corpse in groovy light and dress it in an expensive suit, but in the end that rotting smell just won’t go away."

Time OutTime Out

"Three words should suffice: pretentious macho nonsense."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"Only God Forgives will, understandably, have people running for the exits, and running for the hills. It is very violent, but Winding Refn's bizarre infernal creation, an entire created world of fear, really is gripping. Every scene, every frame, is executed with pure formal brilliance."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"Only God Forgives suffers from the disconnect between its stylistic high-art archness and its content’s pulp gratuitousness. Refn gives every sequence a hushed consideration, but there’s rarely a sense that he’s earned it with equivalent profundity in theme."

The DissolveThe Dissolve

"A menacingly atmospheric mood piece that will not disappoint devotees of the Nicolas Winding Refn church of fetishistic hyper-violence."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Provided that you can stomach its excesses, it's an unforgettable and weirdly rewarding excursion into violent fantasy."


"Experimental and uncompromising, Winding Refn and Gosling’s Drive follow-up is a tripped-out riff on the crime family movie in which The Grifters — literally — go to hell."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

Only God Forgives | Details

MA15+, Strong bloody violence, coarse language and sexual references
Drama, Thriller
Country of origin
France, Thailand, USA, Sweden