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Charming Dublin-set tale of a thirty-something street performer and vacuum cleaner repairman known only as Guy (Glen Hansard, lead singer... More

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"I jumped at the chance to see Dublin-set Once, hoping that it would paint a pretty picture of the Irish city that I felt had disenchanted me as a visitor. The critics' reviews were glowing; even Mr. Spielberg had an endorsement on the poster. Alas, much like my travels, I was somewhat underwhelmed."

Flicks, Andrew HedleyFlicks

"Winningly unpretentious tale uses a wispy romantic narrative as a vehicle for attractive original tunes. Pic's charm seems so offhand one might not notice the skill with which helmer John Carney pulls it off, or how it plays like a full-blown musical without anyone bursting into song."


"I'm scared to say how good it is for fear of overselling it; it's such a tiny, fragile thing and, on paper, sounds so improbable. But the unaffected charm of its two main characters, neither of whom is named, gets utterly under your skin..."

New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

"The raw and heartfelt performances, and an ending so perfectly played out, make this movie a must-see..."


"The year’s most pleasant cinematic surprise. Once has enough heart, wit, verve and sheer songwriting genius to ensure you’ll see it far more times than its title suggests..."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

"This is the sort of movie that could renew your faith in the medium... a gorgeous little movie. Go see it..."

Dominion PostDominion Post

"This is the musical film for the people who hate musicals, but love music and film. Go see this utterly charming film..."

Christchurch PressChristchurch Press

"Think movie musicals, think stagey sets, glittery costumes, impromptu warbling and total fakeness, right? Not if you consider Once; an unassuming Irish indie that, for all its lack of gloss, outstrips its high budget American counterparts with sheer charm and sensitivity."


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Award winner
Sundance 2007 - Audience Award Winner.
M, Moderate coarse language
Drama, Musical, Romance
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