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Sam Claflin is among a group of British officers awaiting their fate in an Aisne dugout in this WWI drama... More

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    "If Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk was a widescreen panorama of one battle, Journey’s End is an uncomfortable close-up of another. The story has existed as a play since 1928 (ten years after the events it depicts) and might feel familiar after four prior film adaptations (also the fourth season of Blackadder is heavily indebted, right down to the jokes about gross food). But there’s a reason it has persisted: it’s a bloody good story and a neat summary of why war is hell."

    Flicks, Tony StampFlicks

    "Few stage staples from 90 years ago would easily translate to the screen today, yet R.C. Sherriff's once near-ubiquitous "Journey's End" proves potent as ever in this sturdy new adaptation..."


    "Claflin and Bettany stand out among an impressive ensemble in a harrowing, powerful WW1 drama well worth enduring."

    Total FilmTotal Film

    "Dibb's film at times feels of a piece with Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk, from the oppressive immediacy of the camerawork to the heavy, droning soundtrack."

    The TimesThe Times

    "Keep calm and carry on, right past the marquee."

    The GuardianThe Guardian

    "This isn't a kinetic World War I tale, a la Gallipoli. Instead, it's a slow-burning character drama (populated by a terrific ensemble), that bursts into action, before delivering some truly memorable emotional fireworks and a haunting coda."


    "A robust, sinewy production that honours the film's enduring themes and proves that it has stood the test of time."

    Screen DailyScreen Daily

    "This version of Journey's End may not offer any new perspectives into its subject matter but it is made with a commitment and intensity that stop it from ever seeming old fashioned."


    "An outstanding cast savours performing a play that has stood the test of time. Avoiding sentimentality, this is a valuable rejoinder to those who would sugar-coat mass slaughter."

    Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

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    M, War themes, violence and coarse language
    Drama, War
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