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Biopic on Apple founder Steve Jobs, played by Ashton Kutcher. Follows Jobs' ascension from hippy college dropout in the 1970s, into one of the world's most revered creative entrepreneurs. Josh Gad plays Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, co-stars Dermot Mulroney, Matthew Modine and James Woods.... More

Kicking off from the money they made making the hit Atari game Breakout, Jobs and Wosniak assemble the first Apple computer in his parents’ garage. But what seems like a fun side-project to Wosniak and the crew is merely the beginning for Jobs and his grand vision of what technology could be to the everyman. However, as the years pass, his relationships take a back seat to his relentless devotion - a devotion that worried investors start to challenge.Hide

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Rather than the inventor of the iPod, it’s the spectre of Aaron Sorkin that looms largest over this tale. For not only does rookie writer Matt Whiteley’s script attempt to ape Sorkin's Oscar-winning screenplay for The Social Network, but the perma-tanned one has a more authorised version of this same story waiting in the wings.... More

In truth, that should make us root for this not exactly Royal Gala take on Apple but the end result is less Golden Delicious and more a kind of Ambrosia – sickly sweet, marshmellowy and ultimately lacking in substance and depth. It is most certainly a star vehicle for Kutcher and the guy from That '70s Show nails the Jobs of that era, although he only seems certain of his unique gait in the latter years.

Weirdly you get a better feel for Jobs’ company than the man, as the portrayal of his personal life and friends seems sketchy at best (there’s also no mention of his involvement with Pixar or, bizarrely, even his death). More Forrest Gump than A Beautiful Mind, events and emotions are telegraphed by the use of soundtrack standards from Cat Stevens to Bob Dylan. Forget by the numbers, this biopic is practically binary in its formulaic creation.Hide

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I don't know why they stopped when the iPod came out, wish they went right through to his death.
Better than I expected (didn't have high hopes with Ashton Kutcher being in it), it's worth a watch, but not a film that will be up for any Oscars or the likes...too middle of the road.

BY Zamm superstar

I don't know how faithful the movie is to Steve Jobs' personal life. This movie portrayed him as a person who had to overcome a lot of demons and even set aside his spirituality to become the Steve Jobs that the public knows. This movie showed his frailties. It also showed his genius with regard to intuitive innovations. I'll encourage everyone to watch it to form his/her own opinion of the movie.

BY Brian1 superstar

The story of Steve Jobs as most of us knew it was interesting enough, this movie provides some other insights. And about the man that built in a half generation one of the worlds top couple of companies and household brand, the died!

BY Brendan3 superstar

Ok movie about Steve Jobs and the formation of Apple Inc
Covers the first 30 years of the company and stops when the ipod comes out

BY RealityCheck superstar

- Jobs -
It was a doco styled emotional roller coaster ride, with better acting than 'Butterfly Effect' and 'Two & Half Men' (which is easy). Giving really good insight into Steve Jobs, not sure if this was an over dramatisation of some actual events. OCD or asperges appears heavy in Steve's life but was a real believer in his product, an very emoionally invested. A great watch if you enjoy doco's or bio's like '127Hours' or if you're into Apple & want to understand it's begining better, watch... More it.
Genre : Totally doco, bio
4/5 : I enjoyed the ride this film gave, even if I'm more into animated flicks.Hide

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  • This is far from the bomb some would have envisaged, but neither is it the character illumination one would wish for. Jobs appears so consumed by his work here that little else mattered in his life. That may be true, but we're left none the wiser as to what made the man tick, beyond what we already know. Full Review

  • The filmmakers do fall into the trap of overly sentimentalizing a widely beloved public figure who represents an enormous cultural significance. At the same time, however, they keep the movie frequently engaging. Full Review

  • The film thankfully doesn’t offer some pop-psychology Rosebud to explain Jobs’s drive or near-sociopathic perfectionism, yet we walk away knowing nothing about what made this revolutionary tick. Full Review

  • It’s bloated, overwrought, and nakedly sentimental, a sappy and cliched celebration instead of a searching and incisive exploration. Full Review

  • Avoids outright hagiography, but more or less embodies the sort of bland, go-with-the-flow creative thinking Jobs himself would have scorned. Full Review

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