Hounds of Love

Hounds of Love


Emma Booth and Stephen Curry star as a crazed couple who abduct their teenage neighbour (Pork Pie's Ashleigh Cummings) in Australian filmmaker Ben Young's debut.... More

"Dark forces lurk behind the sunny façade of an unassuming Australian suburb in Ben Young's stylish '80s-set directorial debut. Seventeen-year-old Vicki Maloney (Cummings) is stuck inside an unhappy home with parents on the verge of divorce. Feeling rebellious, she sneaks out of their house and is accosted by neighbours John (Curry) and Evelyn White (Booth), a mentally unhinged couple who lure her with marijuana before tying her up to a bed inside their squalid home as their own personal torture subject. Pushed to her limits, Vicki soon realizes that her only hope for survival is to play on the Whites’ instabilities in order to drive a wedge between her unhinged captors and escape by any means necessary." (Tribeca Film Festival)Hide

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  • Hounds of Love benefits from impressive control of visuals to build suspense and from the spiky performances of its fearless cast, flagging Young as a talent to watch. Full Review

  • This Australian chiller about a rash of grisly murders makes a play to be the new Snowtown. Full Review

  • What makes the torment worth enduring is the trio of ferocious performances at its center, bare and ugly and unvarnished. Full Review

  • It's a tense, sharply assembled debut feature from Ben Young. Its main problem, though, is that it never answers a basic question: Why are we watching this? Full Review

  • What is it about Australian filmmakers and down-and-dirty, no-holds-barred crime dramas? Let's not figure out why they're so good at them and simply enjoy. Full Review

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