Girl Asleep

Girl Asleep


Fifteen is going to turn a corner. It has to.

Critically-acclaimed debut from Australian filmmaker Rosemary Myers, a coming-of-age tale that journeys deep into the teenage mind. Nominated for the Crystal Bear for Best Feature Film (Generation 14+) at the 2016 Berlin International Film Festival.... More

"Greta is 14 years old and has just moved to a new town with her family. It’s tough, but at least she's found a soulmate at her new school: Elliott is an outsider like her, he's funny and sweet, maybe a bit childish too, and he wants to be her boyfriend. Her sister has already made it: she lives her own life. It wouldn’t be so bad if her parents hadn't got it into their heads to throw a surprise party for her. Given the choice, Greta would simply run away. In the mysterious forest behind the house lurk strange creatures and Huldra, the fearless warrior. A weird and wonderful coming of age tale, absurd and eerie, terrible yet lovely – just like the life of a 14-year-old when everything around is changing." (Berlin International Film Festival)Hide

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BY RH nobody

A strange movie.

BY freshdude superstar

Rosemary Myers's début film refuses to stick to the usual formulas; It embraces a certain darkness while remaining benevolent. Comedy, coming-of-age, fantasy, all applied to this quirky and charming Australian flick. Adapted from the stage to the screen it retains a touch of the theatrical in the best way possible and manage to be repeatedly visually surprising.
If you're after something different, GIRL ASLEEP sure is.

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91% of critics recommend.
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  • Girl Asleep might be about an awakening, but it's not a sexual awakening, and this is one teen comedy in which, at long last, the geek doesn't get the girl. Full Review

  • Myers crafts an effervescent yet astute splash of teen life that delights the eyes, warms the heart and tickles the funny bone in equal measures. Full Review

  • In fact it's in Myers's commitment to eccentricity that Girl Asleep - an art-house film made firmly with a teenage audience in its sight - finds its heart. Full Review

  • A strange, savvy, big-hearted teen adventure that feels perfectly pitched to its target audience as well as those of all ages in search of something unquestionably unique. Full Review

  • [The] characters are so charming and funny, and the stylistic excesses handled with such aplomb, that this film... is a fresh-faced delight with all the makings of a local crowd-pleaser. Full Review

  • ...a delightful first feature by Adelaide director Rosemary Myers that explores some familiar themes with great resourcefulness and charm. Full Review

  • Inventive and confidently executed... a bright and occasionally subversive take on teen growing pains that gives fresh legs to a familiar genre. Full Review

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