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In this modern-day noir, Lola Kirke (Mistress America) plays a personal assistant to a Hollywood starlet (Zoë Kravitz). After a... More

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Gemini is available to stream in Australia now on YouTube... More and Google TV.

Gemini | Ratings & Reviews

"Aaron Katz does his cover of the Los Angeles-set murder mystery, homing in on the genre's evocative loneliness."

Slant MagazineSlant Magazine

"As visually appealing as much of Gemini is, it wouldn't work nearly so well without Lola Kirke playing Jill."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

"It's a delicious appetizer but you'll crave more."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"A pleasurably drifty, low-wattage mystery..."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"A moody noir pop-up..."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"Katz, serving as writer, director, and editor of the movie, sets the scene brilliantly. What he fails to do is serve up a story that is remotely worthy of its trappings."


"What does it mean when a movie's setting is so rapturously rendered that its characters, its plot and even the merest whiff of suspense evaporates into a haze? In the case of Gemini, that's not entirely a bad thing."

Time OutTime Out

"Gemini feels like an homage to L.A. noir films of the past and is more concerned with being a wink and a nudge rather than its own property."

Film ThreatFilm Threat

"There is no doubt that the film is more than just a monochromatic Pinterest mood board. And yet, it doesn't really push things to the next level, either."

"There's a ghostly aura over Katz's L.A., even in broad daylight..."


"L.A. Confidential for Millennials."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"It is among the emptiest movies I've ever seen..."

San Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco Chronicle

"[Kirke and Cho] are endlessly fascinating to watch, but the gossamer-thin material underserves them."

The Washington PostThe Washington Post

"Gemini feels like the first draft of a movie that could have been developed into something more resonant."

Chicago ReaderChicago Reader

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