England Is Mine

England Is Mine


A portrait of Steven Patrick Morrissey and his early life in '70s Manchester before he went on to become the singer of seminal band The Smiths.... More

Steven Patrick Morrissey wants to write and sing. But as a young man, his voice goes no further than the NME letters page and his dead-end office walls. When the punk scene explodes, Steven discovers there's more to life than dark satanic mills. With the help of strong women, the young Morrissey embarks on a journey to become himself in a world that's trying to make him like everybody else.Hide

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  • Struggles to evoke the atmosphere of its setting - Manchester, 1976-1982 - and to bring its tantalisingly enigmatic subject into satisfying focus. Full Review

  • Gives Morrissey and Smiths fans a dose of what life was like for the brooding musician before his days as a leading front man. Full Review

  • It's decently and honestly acted by Jack Lowden, who keeps the film alive, but it somehow winds up being a story about always following your dream and never giving up and even has an inspirational speech from Morrissey's mum. Full Review

  • As an account of the Adrian Mole-like growing pains of the depressive young would-be artist, the film makes surprisingly poignant viewing. Full Review

  • Lowden and Findlay excel in their roles, but Mark Gill's Moz-movie needed more: both more music and more "people who are young and alive". Full Review

  • At certain points in the middle of it, you may think "I'm miserable now," though not in the way that Morrissey had in mind. Full Review

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