Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks


Businessman Tim (Paul Rudd) is happy to have met the incredibly stupid, amazingly dense Barry (Steve Carell). He brings him along to his boss' monthly dinner party where guests are challenged to bring along the dumbest person they can find, for the amusement of the group. But instead of being congratulated for bringing such a moron, Tim finds his life spiralling out of control with a series of personal and professional disasters as his new 'friend' accidentally paves a path of destruction.... More

The cast of comic gold is rounded out by Conchord Jemaine Clement, Hangover beardy man Zach Galifianakis and Office Space's Ron Livingston. This is a re-make of French comedy The Dinner Guest.Hide

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It's hard to know what to make of this US remake of a French farce from last century. On the one hand, Verber's borderline-offensive tale has been softened for American consumption, on the other it is an unrelentingly sex-obsessed cringe-comedy that follows the formula of virtually every bro and ro-mance of the past few years, many of which have starred Rudd.... More

The story, which has already been transformed into Bollywood and Malayalam versions, tries hard to be topical with the original's Parisian publisher transformed into a financial analyst whose company is in dire straits, but at times you wonder if you are watching Wall Street, with Gordon Gecko replaced by Dumb and Dumber's Lloyd Christmas.

While Rudd is a somewhat bland lead and Clement is clearly standing in for Russell Brand while playing an avant-garde over-sexed artist, the film provides a great showcase for Carell's brand of deadpan nuttiness. Playing a taxidermied mice diorama-creating IRS employee, the close-cropped Carell (almost a dead ringer for NZ's own idiot-savant Paul Henry) is a constant hoot, especially when he does things like describe how Louis Pasteur turned cheese into medicine.Hide

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BY ps2tan lister

Seeing the trailer for this movie I had high hopes with Steve Carrell and Zack Galli what ever. It seemed a bit bland really not worth the admission. More of a rental movie worth. Havn't seen the original yet either.

Some funny parts thought it took to long to actually make it to the dinner part of the movie. But overall it was an ok movie


Its funny as :) do watch

BY freshdude superstar

When will America stop re-making movies that really don't need to be remade.
I guess for this one they have the language excuse as the original was French ... but that really is a lame excuse ... LEARN TO READ, America!

BY Crispin nobody

I like Steve Carell. I like Paul Rudd. And Jemaine Clement is easily in the same league. Unfortunately, I also loved Le diner de cons. Which means I had a permanent wince on my face when watching this trailer. Are we entering an era of great international films being re-made abysmally by Americans? (Yes, I'm looking at you, Death at a Funeral!)

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  • The guests at the dinner are a strange lot. To describe them would be to give away their jokes, and one of the pleasures of the movie is having each one appear Full Review

  • The whole enterprise feels very much like a by the numbers bromance Full Review

  • Hardly a classic given the talents of Carell, Rudd and Roach at his best. It bungles utilising plenty of talent in a lightweight comedy effort that brings little fresh to the table. Full Review

  • Though Carell and Rudd are both saddled with characters that just aren't as interesting as many they've played in the past, the movie benefits from having drawn many gifted comedians to supporting roles. Full Review

  • While the climactic dinner is a bit too much like a circus audition, Roach -- who helmed the "Austin Powers" movies as well as "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers" -- knows how to enjoy each sideshow. Full Review

  • The film collects a cast of performers who know how to be funny. The success of this movie, following a formula upheld by just about any recent hit comedy you can name, lies as much with supporting players and plot-derailing set pieces as with the central story and characters. Full Review