Bride Wars

Bride Wars


Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) are besties 4 EVA, with life-long dreams of the perfect wedding. Even their respective bridal engagements happen within hours. Together they plan their weddings, each to take place at New York's ultimate bridal destination: the Plaza Hotel. But a clerical error, causing a clash of wedding dates, pits the two brides against each other in a competition that quickly escalates into all-out war.... More

Directed by Gary Winick, who made the recent Charlotte's Web and the more closely related 13 Going On 30 in 2004.Hide

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Can you get any more chick-flick than a movie about two BFFs getting married on the same day? And I do mean “chick flick” in a derogatory way.... More

If you've ever seen Bridezillas on TV you'll have an idea of what you're in for. The twist is that instead of being obsessed with the big day being “all about me” these two brides-from-hell – Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway, giving all brides a bad name - are “all about her” as they compete to destroy each other's wedding. The sitcom-ish premise that both their dream nuptials are accidentally booked on the same day at the same hotel and neither will change the date or venue wears thin long before we reach the reception. The idea that a wedding can change intelligent, together women – a teacher and a lawyer, no less – into deranged, sabotaging, banshees demeans all brides.

There's no romance or comedy in this alleged romcom. I got more out of Clone Wars than Bride Wars – and that's saying something. If you've seen the trailer, you've seen the “best” bits anyway.

Reviewed by Margaret Agnew - Margaret's day job is chief film reviewer for The Press newspaper, she also writes the film blog Reeling.Hide

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Nothing like the 1-star rating given by our own movie critics and most definitely not a 5! More likely to be pitched somewhere around 3. Sure, predictably hard to believe in parts and certainly not a movie for the academic! But c'mon, there's a much bigger audience for this kind of flick than the endless stream of over-sexed, foul mouthed, unfaithful, complex characters being trotted out than we realize! Always the second choice, Hudson and Hathaway make for an easy on the eye load of girl... More fun with a healthy lesson in relationships besides.Hide

If you're the kind of guy who 'gives in' and gets dragged along to chick-flicks, then make sure that this isn't one of those films. It's boring enough for anyone to sit through but it's 100 times worse for a guy. This film takes a silly idea and tries to hold it up with star power but still falls flat.

While the plot is wafer thin and the script at times laughable, entertainment value is right up there. Harmless, non-fattening Candy Floss, this movie delivers the feel good factor. Final voice over moments commenting on finding "The one" in your BFF, touched a chord I did not expect and was arguably the films philosophical saving grace !

omg.. amazing.. full of humour.. also.. very good to see hathaway and hudson to du a movie 2getha watch..its awesum

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10% of critics recommend.
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  • pretty thin soup. The characters have no depth or personality, no quirks or complications, no conversation. The story twist is so obvious from the first shot of two characters talking that they should have been waving handkerchiefs over their heads and signaling: Watch this space for further developments. The whole story is narrated by Bergen as the wedding coordinator, who might as well have been instructing us how to carve bars of Ivory Soap into little ducks. Full Review

  • A chick flick in the purest sense--it's not about men or falling in love--and is quite funny. Full Review

  • A dopey if largely painless romantic comedy. Full Review

  • Anne Hathaway must be hoping her Oscar nomination for Rachel Getting Married will completely overshadow her performance in this pointless chick flick. Full Review

  • Sometimes the only funny stuff is in the trailers, but not so here. Kristen Johnson was especially adept at stealing some scenes. Full Review

  • While the premise is as flimsy as a brides' veil, Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway make this girls-only comedy about two girls, two weddings and a friendship in crisis, into a moderately enjoyable, if forgettable affair. Full Review