Before Sunset

Before Sunset

Before Sunset

Richard Linklater revisits lovebirds Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) as they encounter one another for the first time since they met, nine years earlier in Before Sunrise. Jesse (Hawke) has become a successful author, having written a novel heavily influenced by their  fleeting romance. Visiting Paris to do a reading of his book, he attracts the attention of his muse, Celine (Delpy). With a few hours to spare before he flies back to the States, the former overnight lovers catch up as they wander through Paris. 

200480 minsUSA
Richard Linklater ('Dazed and Confused', 'Bernie', 'School of Rock', 'Me and Orson Welles')
Richard LinklaterEthan HawkeJulie Delpy
Ethan HawkeJulie Delpy

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