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Cameron Crowe dramedy about a celebrated military contractor (Bradley Cooper) who returns to the site of his greatest career triumph – the US Space program in Hawaii – and reconnects with a long-ago love (Rachel McAdams) while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog (Emma Stone) assigned to him. Co-stars Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin.

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If you weren’t convinced with George Clooney being part-Hawaiian in The Descendants, then you’re going to feel whitewashed seeing Emma Stone’s Hawaiian-Chinese character Allison Ng in Cameron Crowe’s latest. This is but one symptom of Aloha’s severely undercooked story about cultural sensitivity and the US Space Program, one that tries to honour Hawaiian culture in the same way a dude-bro attempts to honour native Indian heritage by wearing a chieftain feather hat at Coachella.... More

OK, I’m being a little mean with that comparison, but when a conversation between two Caucasians about the mana of a forest rings worryingly false, you can’t help but feel the whole production could have used another consultant.

Though it’s difficult to believe in ‘Bradley Cooper: computer military genius’, the film is far more fun when focusing on ‘Bradley Cooper: flawed-but-loveable bachelor’. There are a host of lively characters and involving relationships that dish out constant pleasantries, and although the script could have used a serious revision with regards to the aforementioned plot, the character-to-character banter is witty enough to keep the film afloat, with an on-form star cast that give the dialogue even more buoyancy. Danny McBride and Alec Baldwin in particular pierce with their sparse but wickedly funny roles.

In this sense, Aloha is a disposably smooth ride, but you’ll need to forgive the misjudged cultural-political military plot (an order that may prove too tall for some).Hide

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BY Mel superstar

A film of "moments" rather than anything resembling a cohesive plot - they are hit and miss. But, let's talk about the elephant in the room: Emma Stone's casting as the half caucasian, quarter Hawaiian, quarter Asian. Yes, harping on about her one-quarter Hawaiian ethnicity was part of her character - and I was buying it. But why oh why was she also one-quarter Asian? As far as I can tell, there is no actual need for this in the context of the film, and something that could have been... More easily written out when Stone was cast - not an uncommon occurrence at all in Hollywood. As a mixed ethnicity person myself - I feel I must to do a thing I hate: play the race card. Fail.Hide

BY dsmartin wannabe

A bit hard to follow at first. Some "interesting" camera work. Not enough of the beautiful Hawaiian scenery. Not as bad as some reviewers had said.

BY JamesN grader

It was a very mixed bag of confused storytelling with odd funny moment from some good actors. Unfortunately, there was also a clear lack of chemistry between a number of the actors, most notably Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper. The whole space race then computer hacker storyline was a waste of screen-time that added very little. It would have greatly benefited from some solid editing and rewriting from someone other than Cameron Crowe.

BY Jodes nobody

Definitely not a must see, but maybe a Friday night movie at home when you've not got much else to do ...

BY kneats grader

A couple of laughs, but mainly just awkward and disappointing.

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  • Inspiration has become Cameron Crowe's crack. His films are all-you-can-eat pixie-dust buffet from which all unnecessary excitement has been expunged. Full Review

  • Even with its off-balance, overstuffed storytelling, the film maintains a charm and energy that never flags, with brisk pacing and generally engaging performances from its deep-bench cast. Full Review

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