A Long Way Down

A Long Way Down


Life is looking up.

Four desperate strangers (Pierce Broson, Imogen Poots, Aaron Paul and Toni Collette) find themselves on the roof of a building in London on New Year's Eve, each with the intention of jumping off. Their plans are ruined by each other's presence, so they make a pact not to commit suicide until Valentine's Day. Based on the novel by Nick Hornby.... More

Our four lost souls - a disgraced TV presenter (Brosnan), a foul-mouthed politician's daughter (Poots), an isolated single mother (Collette) and a pizza delivery man whose dreams of rock stardom lie in ruins (Paul) - make the agreement and afford themselves a six week reprieve from suicide. In the process they form an unconventional family, become media sensations as the 'Topper House Four', and search desperately for reasons to keep on living.Hide

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27% of critics recommend.
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  • Worse than tacky, trivializing depression for a handful of easy laughs and pop-psychology platitudes. Full Review

  • At best, this is a cringey stab at black comedy redeemed by charismatic stars; at worst it’s a glib and manipulative punt on a subject that deserves more care. Full Review

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