The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty

The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty

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The influence of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, on both a personal and global scale, is outlined in this three-part BBC documentary. The mini-series details his rise to fame as well as the scandals that threatened his powers and concludes with his involvement with Brexit and Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

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Rupert Murdoch must decide who he wants to be Britain’s... More next prime minister, whilst a battle for succession begins within his own family.


The Rebel Alliance

An alliance forms, including Hugh Grant, that is willing to... More take on the Murdoch empire. A scandal threatens Rupert’s dream of passing on the family business to one of his children.


The Comeback

With Rupert Murdoch’s reputation in tatters, he mounts an incredible... More comeback that involves Brexit and Donald Trump, and the issue of family succession finally seems to be resolved.

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An enthralling portrait of a media mogul for whom the world is never enough.

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The Guardian

The Guardian

Succession with phone hacking and foam pies.

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The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty is available to stream in Australia now on ABC iView.