SF8: Season 1

SF8: Season 1

SF8: Season 1

A group of people attempt to create a perfect society, one that causes conflict between technology and humanity, in this South Korean sci-fi series.

2020South KoreaMBC, Soo Film, Directors Guild of Korea
Science FictionWorld Cinema
Min Kyu-dong

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The Prayer

In a care home, a mother has been in a... More coma for 10 years and her carer is exhausted. The nursing robot, which looks after both of them, becomes distressed when it has to decide who it should save. The Prayer foresees a near future in which bedridden patients are looked after by robots and examines frequently unseen or overlooked care work. When a machine programmed for one purpose it becomes closer to the essence of that objective, so it inevitably reaches a realm that includes choice, anguish and obsession beyond the programming. Is it still just a machine then?



An AI fortunetelling service called Manxin boasts a surprisingly high... More level of accuracy. In a world where most people deify and have blind faith in Manxin, Seon Ho and Ga Ram, who have their own pain and secrets, search for its developer. Contrary to their expectations, they discover the true nature of Manxin. Manxin questions life and the essence of humankind through people who are, ironically, obsessed with the black arts rather than science, and others, who refuse the given path, anxiously seek the truth in a time of advanced AI, which accurately predicts the future to a large extent. Although we don’t know where our time is leading, isn’t it possible for human beings to live out their given time in blissful ignorance?


Joan's Galaxy

The world is covered with fine dust, and Cs, who... More were injected with expensive antibodies at birth, enjoy a life expectancy of 100 years, while Ns, who were not injected, live a completely different life, with a life expectancy of just 30. Having lived her entire life as a C, 26-year-old college student Io finds out that she was not given the antibody injection at birth thanks to a mistake at the hospital. Now, Io begins to wonder about the life of Ns, which held no interest for her before. She’s especially interested in Joan, the only N in the school. What does life look like when we know what’s coming? The fact that the lives of the two young people who meet in the scheduled time are not clear may not be due to only the clouds of fine dust that hit the world. A story of two young people dreaming of a beautiful future with sincerity and love for each other is touching and unfolds beautifully in an opaque future that does not know how to unfold.



Ji Woo, who lost her parents in an autonomous car... More accident in childhood, is a detective who believes in her senses and abilities, rather than the artificial intelligence that works from typed commands. However, Ji Woo misses a suspect and is forced to receive a new recruit, none other than an artificial intelligence presence, Seo Nang, implanted in her brain. Ji Woo has to solve a murder case with the help of Seo Nang, but that's not as easy as it sounds. Can Ji Woo and Seo Nang make a dream team and catch the criminal?


Baby It’s Over Outside

The world is going to end in one week’s time.... More As the end approaches, people reveal all sorts of hidden aptitudes, even psychic abilities. Hye Hwa tries to prevent the world from coming to an end with Kim Nam Woo, a forever-single type, who just feels lonely, even at that critical moment. Can they save the world and start loving? One week is enough time for the world to end, but not enough for love to begin. For the time being, there aren’t many things left to do, but the end of the world would be the moment I disappear. However, if I existed somewhere else, the world would carry on regardless. "Baby It’s Over Outside" holds a question about the existence of both the world and us. All the characters in the film are adorable, particularly the psychics who come forward to save the world: Hye Hwa, who is embarrassed about her trivial abilities, and Nam Woo, who believes he has met Hye Hwa before.


White Crow

Juno, a star game broadcaster with 0.8 million subscribers is... More entangled in a controversy when a former classmate claims Juno falsely made up his own past. Having lost all her money, fame, and fans that she had accrued over time, she seeks to recover her reputation and to return to the air. However, she can’t overcome the trauma she faces in the game and she is trapped in the virtual world. In this fiendish game that makes people go back into their past traumas, the past she faces is even more painful. The nightmare within the game, which seems never-ending, is a part of her own subconsciousness that she hasn’t addressed, or perhaps she doesn’t want to know about.


Love Virtually

In the near future, more than half of the world... More population uses ‘Love Virtually’, a virtual app. People find the partners they want with whose face they want, using a ‘Love Virtually’ ID, which becomes a general trend. A couple creates their IDs with their faces before plastic surgery and develops their love for each other. On the anniversary of the 100th day of their first meeting through the app, the couple is about to make love, but the app is down. Love Virtually is a rom-com about a couple searching for true love in a world where virtual reality is the norm by mixing the real world and virtual reality. Both in the real world and virtual reality, they meet each other before and after cosmetic surgery; the world’s standards for appearance might be meaningless for people trying to find their other half. The important thing is ‘the apple of my eye’, regardless of the real or virtual world.


Empty Body

In the future when the human brain and AI can... More be connected, Hye Ra’s son dies in an accident but she manages to revive him by combining part of his brain with AI. One day, Hye Ra finds her son’s behavior is changing and suspects that it started after the connection was made. While impersonating her son the AI deceives her and wipes out his soul.