Australia Uncovered: Season 1

Australia Uncovered: Season 1

Australia Uncovered: Season 1

This curated series puts the spotlight on eight stand-alone documentaries from different filmmakers covering various issues in Australian society.


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12 September 2021

Strong Female Lead

From the makers of See What You Made Me Do?, Strong Female Lead explores the gender politics during Julia Gillard's term as Australia's first and still only female Prime Minister. Looking back at Ms Gillard's... MORE time as Prime Minister, the film examines the response and tone from media commentators, the Australian public and within Parliament itself.

19 September 2021

Osher Günsberg: A Matter of Life and Death

A personal exploration into a national crisis, popular media personality Osher Günsberg investigates how new science, innovative thinking and technology are helping prevent suicide. Through the prism of Günsberg's own mental health experience, he examines... MORE why suicide rates remain high in Australia, and looks at what is being done across the country to try and make a difference.

26 September 2021

The Bowraville Murders

The Bowraville Murders investigates one of Australia's most prominent unsolved serial murder cases – the murder of three Aboriginal children between September 1990 and February 1991 – and the 30-year battle for justice by the... MORE victims' families.

3 October 2021

The Truth About Anxiety with Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola is an award-winning actor and comedian. She also suffers from anxiety. She wants to help millions of Australians through their battle with anxiety by telling her story, challenging stigma and showing a way... MORE through it. She will meet those suffering from the condition, those on the road to recovery and those who are helping with the journey.

10 October 2021

The Department

The Department takes us inside the never-before-seen child protection system at work in NSW. With unprecedented access across the department, this observational documentary follows caseworkers as they navigate the complexities of keeping children safe in... MORE families experiencing domestic violence, addiction, mental health issues and intergenerational trauma.

17 October 2021

Our African Roots

Author and journalist Santilla Chingaipe unearths Australia's forgotten Black African history and reveals the role people of African descent played in events that shaped the nation, from the First Fleet to the Eureka Rebellion, and... MORE beyond.

24 October 2021

The Children in the Pictures

For the first time, The Children in the Pictures goes inside Queensland Police's Task Force Argos, the world-leading investigative team dedicated to rescuing children from online sexual exploitation.


Incarceration Nation

Expected arrival: 31 October 2021 

Incarceration Nation lays bare the story of the continued systemic injustice and oppression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on their own land, told by Indigenous Australians. With 474 Indigenous deaths in custody in Australia from 1991 to 2021,* and no criminal convictions for the accused, Incarceration Nation puts First Nations voices front and centre, as they fight for visibility.