Review: Tomorrowland

Given that it is named after the most popular area of Disney’s flagship theme park, I was steeling myself for a brand-enhancing exercise in corporate synergy when I sat down to watch Tomorrowland.

I should’ve had more faith in director Brad Bird (The Incredibles) – I don’t think the word ‘Disney’ is ever even spoken out loud once during the movie. The whole affair is greatly informed by some very Disney-esque notions, but they are delivered on a deeply earnest platter that the film managed to earn in my eyes.

This strives to speak directly to the least cynical part of any child’s mind, which is a valiant endeavour from any angle. The palpability of this motivation kept me on board when the plot got a little wobbly.

The tech on display is glossy gravy of the highest order – cinema hasn’t been this well-served by gleeful retro-futurism since The Rocketeer. Amongst the innumerable visual delights are some super-cool robots whose design appears to be inspired by old-timey microphones.

Although the big, exciting ideas that carry the film hit something of a wall during the anti-climactic resolution (classic Lindelof!), it had generated enough goodwill in me by that point to see me through.

It may promise slightly more than it delivers, but there is more than enough genuine wonder in Tomorrowland to justify your attention. Unless you’re a cynical jerk.

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