Review: Sex Drive

Sex Drive seems best suited to those who are puzzled by hair in strange places, frightened by their enlarged ball sac, or think that seeing a chick’s tits on screen is, like, the best thing ever. But anyone older than, say, 17, might find the jokes wearing a little thin. It’s at least mildly amusing in parts, but if you go in expecting another Superbad, a film that appealed to a wider age bracket, you might feel a little short-changed.

The likeable performances are what save this teen comedy from sinking into a gross-out quagmire. The central trio are all newcomers (although you might recognise the pudgy Clark Duke from the excellent James Marsden and Seth Green are great as a homophobic older brother and a sarcastic Amish man, respectively. But as for the gags, there’s nothing groundbreaking here.

If you think someone being shot in the leg is funny, or laugh your head off at the sight of a mother with a condom in her hair, you’ll be right into this. Everyone else might think they’ve seen it somewhere before.