Review: Knowing

Nicholas Cage plays a slightly mad, agnostic, alcoholic single dad. All three conditions are the result of his wife’s untimely demise. His philosophical battle between science and faith is the cause of his constant furrowed brow and his path to redemption involves becoming a believer.

If only he could believe his own storyline. An attractive visual style and beautiful scenes of epic destruction are wasted on a script that makes it up as it goes along. There’s no twist as such, but the ending is one huge eyebrow-raising “geh?” that will either blow your mind or have you choking on your popcorn.

A couple of moments really impress, such as the terrific plane crash scene. With the sound effects cranked up loud, and the frantic camerawork rushing us through a chaotic melee of burning bodies, this is easily a highlight.

But with all the Christian undertones and gaping plot holes, you could say that Knowing is holy in more ways than one. Consider also the “Holy ____” moment of incredulity at the end and we might well have discovered the Grail of silliness.