Take a peek at Netflix’s unlikely superhero comedy Thunder Force

At the 84th Academy Awards, Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy were both nominated in the same category for Best Supporting Actress. Spencer won, and a fiery, hate-filled rivalry has been scandalising Hollywood ever since.

I’m totally kidding: Spencer and McCarthy are actually good friends IRL and soon they’ll appear in Netflix’s Thunder Force, as a pair of bumbling super-powered BFFS.

Arriving on Netflix on April 9, the film was directed by McCarthy’s husband and regular collaborator Ben Falcone, who gets brutally tased in the face by Spencer in the trailer below.

Thunder Force begins with our two heroes as estranged childhood friends, who reunite when one of them accidentally uses the other’s groundbreaking technology to give herself superpowers.

As if that doesn’t sound delightful enough, our villains are Bobby Cannavale as laser-eyed ‘The King’, and Jason Bateman as some kind of horny criminal guy with crab claws for hands. You don’t get that kind of magical nonsense in an MCU film.

We’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of Thunder Force on April 9, as just one of the platform’s many blockbusters in this juggernaut year for Netflix Original features.