Onward is now available with all the other Pixar classics on Disney+

Whether you’re stuck at home with your kids or self-isolating solo, there’s absolutely no shame in taking this seclusion as an opportunity to rewatch Disney Plus‘s library of Pixar films. The animation juggernaut has spent decades now making movies that are just as appealing to kids as they are to parents, and fans of any form of lighthearted, visually stunning drama.

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Pixar’s latest movie Onward is no exception. There’s plenty to attract grown-up animation fans here: a 1980s-meets-Medieval-Times visual flair, jokes about orcs and vicious pixie biker gangs for Dungeons and Dragons fans to guffaw at, and voice performances from Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis Dreyfus.

In case you missed Onward‘s thwarted Australian release (thanks Corona!), now is the perfect time to check out the trailer below, or to just dive straight into Ian and Barley’s epic fantasy quest to be reunited with their dad by watching Onward on Disney Plus.

With Onward‘s addition to the stacked library at Disney Plus, now could be a better time than ever to sort out your definitive ranking of Pixar’s filmography!

Flicks critic Sarah Ward deigned Onward to be the 19th best Pixar film in its own ranking a month or so ago, noting that the movie’s “focus on bonds between male siblings, and on boys expressing emotion, is touching.” Meanwhile, our own Luke Buckmaster found the most recent Pixar movie a little lacking, describing its fantasy and social commentary as “half-hearted” in his review.

For those drawn to epic tales of fantasy, family and brotherhood, however, Onward will definitely be your bag. It might even end up at that coveted No. 1 Pixar Movie spot for you! But, as is made clear below, it’s basically an impossible undertaking to choose.