Once Upon a Deadpool gets an outrageous new poster and an Australian release date

The Deadpool franchise is known for its excessive amount of violence and swear words. The appeal of the 2016 film and its sequel is closely associated with its risque elements.

So the idea of a version of Deadpool with much less violence and dirty words, and a family-friendly rating, is kind of unthinkable, right?

Well, no. The producers cottoned on to the idea that releasing a family friendly version will result in more sales and thus more money.

So here comes Once Upon a Deadpool, which arrives in Australian cinemas on December 13. It is essentially a cleaned-up alternate version of Deadpool 2.

How did they do it, and what can we expect?

Two words: Fred Savage. The former child star of The Wonder Years has reportedly come on board to give the film a bed time story-like structure, inspired by The Princess Bride.

Oh boy. This movie is getting weirder and weirder. Check out the poster below.

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