How and where to watch The Craft: Legacy in Australia

High school is scary enough without supernaturally evil mean girls messing with potions and spells that turn their enemies bald, or crazy, or worse.

That’s how it was in 1996’s teen horror hit The Craft, and that’s how it goes in this year’s The Craft: Legacy, a bewitching reboot arriving in select cinemas near you.

Like the nineties original, The Craft: Legacy concerns a naive newcomer to a friendship group of witches in training. As the girls’ close bond makes their powers stronger and stronger, they’ll be torn apart by dark magic that none of them bargained for.

Check out the trailer below for more saucy details. Will Cailee Spaeny’s new girl turn out to be a benevolent White Witch? Or could she be the next Nancy Downs, Fairuza Balk’s venomous bad girl from the first film?

Obligatorily soundtracked to a creepy, stripped-back cover of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, the trailer for The Craft: Legacy suggests teen romance, morbid supernatural thrills, and all the complexities and richness of adolescent sisterhood.

The Craft: Legacy is now playing in cinemas in Australia, in every state and territory other than Victoria. It’s lush and creepy enough for a special Halloween outing to your local drive-in or COVID-safe cinema; click below to get your tickets.