Pandemic rom-com (and heist thriller) Locked Down is now on digital release

“We are fine”, Chiwetel Ejiofor lies in the trailer for Locked Down. Like practically everybody else, his character and wife Anne Hathaway have kind of gone nuts during the coronavirus-induced lockdowns across the UK, and their relationship seems to have met its natural end.

Unless some dramatic retail therapy can bring them back together. That’s right; this isn’t just a pandemic-rom-com, it’s a pandemic-rom-com-slash-heist thriller.

The film was safely filmed in London during the pandemic, reached Australian cinemas in May, and has been fast tracked to digital release, now available to rent or buy. 

Director Doug Liman recently had a film in cinemas, the troubled, Chaos Walking, but he’s also responsible for adrenaline-charged battle-of-the-sexes Mr. & Mrs Smith, so this genre-bending project seems like a great fit.

Sadly Anne Hathaway isn’t blessing us again with her adorably dodgy British accent from One Day, but this still looks like a crowd-pleasing and deeply topical comedy that we can now enjoy at a safely post-pandemic distance.

Even without a glamorous diamond heist to pull off, romance is bloody hard during a pandemic. But where Anne Hathawill, Anne Hathaway.