Friends and fashion rule the final trailer for SATC sequel And Just Like That…

Right now, nothing would quench our post-lockdown thirst for gossip better than a cocktail and bitch-sesh with some old friends. Especially when they’re as dramatic and fashion-forward as the Sex and the City ladies.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte get together—they might have to wait a bit longer to see Samantha join in, if at all. In the full official trailer for And Just Like That…, it looks like they’re all dressed up with somewhere to go.

Jenna Guillaume included And Just Like That… in her picks for this month’s most anticipated new series, pointing out some of the refreshing updates the show has made space for. “A new series regular has also been added in a long-overdue attempt at inclusivity, with Sara Ramirez playing Che Diaz, a non-binary queer comedian who hosts a podcast Carrie guests on.”

It might seem like an obvious leap for contemporaneity, but Carrie is honestly an ideal podcaster: always rattling off groan-inducing little puns and metaphors, fixating on her own experiences and advice for her city’s bachelorettes.

Watching the full trailer below, I couldn’t help but wonder whether she might start every podcast response with “I couldn’t help but wonder”…

We also see Charlotte and Miranda’s kids all grown up, new characters played by Nicole Ari Parker, Sarita Choudhury, and Karen Pittman, plus plenty of couture and interior design porn.

It’s all too much! Or at least that’s what Miranda confesses to a friend who tells her that one can’t have it all: “no, you can. It’s just really hard.” We can’t wait to find out how all three of our original Manhattanites will juggle sex, and the city, and everything else And Just Like That… has to throw at them.