Father’s Day is going to the dogs with a special episode of Bluey on September 5

It’s no secret that kids and parents love Bluey. Possibly too much. An Australian animated family series that has broken ABC records and amassed an international fanbase, Bluey has apparently influenced kids from the United States to speak with the characters’ Aussie twang.

At least it seems the feeling is mutual, with Bluey creators announcing a special one-off Father’s Day episode celebrating the dads and families that love the show. Premiering on ABC and iview on September 5, this could be the perfect start to a special day with your own pups.

From 8am on Father’s Day, fans can catch this Bluey event on the ABC’s live channel and also online via iview, where seasons one and two of the series are available to watch. While we’re still waiting for the release of season three later this year, a one-off special should keep fans of all ages satisfied for a while longer.

Here’s your bubbly sneak-peek of a trailer, with Bluey‘s usual soft and rounded animation style and adorable voice-acting. No wonder a generation of lil American kids want to sound like Bluey and Bingo.

Whether you’ll be stuck indoors with your parents or kids, or missing family sorely on September 5, the Father’s Day special of Bluey will lift your spirits and take you back to the stupid, miraculous games we play when we’re young. The episode might make you cry a bit too and that’s totally fine. Hell, the scrappy pen sketch below almost made me cry.