Cabin-in-the-woods comedy Ride The Eagle is now screening in select Australian cinemas

A conditional inheritance requires the recipient to carry out certain activities or behaviours, in order to collect on their deceased benefactor’s cash/property/other nice treats.

As the grieving Leif, Jake Johnson could definitely do worse than being forced to do a little soul-searching out in the wild as per the final wishes of his late mother Honey (Susan Sarandon).

In the new dramedy Ride The Eagle, written by and starring Johnson, we’ll get to see this whole process of mother-son bonding and self-discovery from beyond the grave. Ride The Eagle has now ridden into select cinemas around Australia, bringing both moments of laughter and melancholy.

You can use our handy session time finder here to seek out a screening near you: dependent, of course, on your region’s COVID regulations. Eagles are a symbol of freedom, sure, but Jake Johnson wouldn’t want you to do anything risky or irresponsible in order to see his lovely movie. Do it for Jake Johnson.

You most likely recognise Johnson as the loveably schlubby love interest Nick in New Girl, and here he reunites with an Australian director from that sitcom, Trent O’Donnell. On screen, Johnson is joined by D’Arcy Carden (Janet from The Good Place) and J.K. Simmons, who goes into a little bit too much detail when describing his love life with Johnson’s deceased mum in the trailer below.

With earthy characters called Leif and Honey, comedic set-pieces of Johnson struggling to get in touch with his primal self, and a celebration of mothers both absent and ever-present in nature, Ride The Eagle could be the rejuvenating trip to the woods you’ve been craving.