Bad Moon Falling: how to watch disaster blockbuster Moonfall in Australia

You’ve seen the Skyfall; you’ve seen a historical Downfall; hell, maybe you’ve even seen Deadfall (two times!), whatever that means.

The biggest descent of all is smashing into Australian cinemas right now, with sci-fi disaster flick Moonfall finally available on the big screen. Now’s your chance to gape up in awe at celeb stars striving to keep that big white ball up in the heavens where it belongs.

But speaking honestly, we all wanna see the vast CGI devastation of the crash, right? It’ll be quite a disappointment if Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Donald Sutherland, and Michael Peña are capable enough to stop the collision.

The trailer below kicks off with Bradley warning that “the moon is out of orbit”—Sutherland utters that “it’s too late to stop” (yay!!). And then the CG carnage begins to get pretty out of control, with our heroes racing away from some sentient space blob of epic proportions.

Disaster movie maestro Roland Emmerich manages to include a few of his favourite tools of the apocalypse, from huge walls of water to toppled skyscrapers.

Our contributor Tony Stamp recently covered all of Emmerich’s movies that obsess over global destruction in a ‘Disasterama’ breakdown—very worth your time if you enjoy a bit of cathartic earth-exploding too.


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