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Two teenagers who've never met switch bodies every second day in this Japanese animated romance from writer-director Makoto Shinkai (5 Centimeters Per Second).... More

"Two teenagers' lives are changed forever when the first visible comet for a thousand years approaches Japan. Mitsuha lives in a rural area and longs to leave, whilst Taki waits tables in Tokyo when he’s not studying. Despite never having met, they both begin to dream about each other, imagining that somehow they have exchanged bodies and are existing in parallel lives. As this phenomenon continues, they start communicating with each other via messages left on smartphones and resolve to meet to make sense of what is happening to them. Despite the fun body-swap vibe that our heroes initially experience, a dark journey lies ahead." (London Film Festival)Hide

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How high can a high-concept film go? For Makoto Shinkai’s body-swap, time-travelling, coming-of-age, animated romance, the sky’s the limit – and this film loves the sky. A young man and a young woman switch places every other day, saving notes on each other’s phones as a way to communicate before the night wipes their memory. It sounds dangerously convoluted on paper, but Shinkai unfolds this carefully-plotted origami of a story in a way that’s mightily impressive and immensely satisfying to watch. It’s enough to recommend Your Name on that merit alone; it just also happens to be very sweet and look superb. ... More

Some of the cutest and comedic moments come when the characters see the benefits of loosening their heavily-adopted gender roles. When Mitsuha finds herself in Taki’s body, her femininity improves his social life. When Taki finds himself in Mitsuha’s body, his masculinity improves her independence. It could have explored these themes on identity more, but the intrigue never lets up.

Those who are allergic to anime will still find themselves scratching their eyes at the anime-ness of it all. (You may breakout into hives about half-an-hour in when a J-pop music video ambushes the film.) But on the flipside, anime fanatics will hug this with both arms and a leg. There’s enough ancient Japanese lore to give whimsy to the fantasy without making it a history lesson and any praise I’ve ever given to Studio Ghibli’s beautiful background work applies equally here. This film is gorgeous.

If you squint the eye of your brain just a little, you can see a sizeable plot hole that undoes one of the key plot twists. (Did no one look at a calendar?) But by that point, it’d be like complaining about two undercooked fries that came with a great burger.Hide

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This anime is really play your heart. Especially for the ending scene. I',M SURE THAT SO MANY PEOPLE want to see the story after taki and mitsuha meet again at tokyo.

BY KennethP91 superstar

Kimi no na wa (Your Name) is the latest movie from acclaimed director Makoto Shinkai.

Kimi no na wa tells the story of Taki and Mitsuha, both live miles apart from each other but were able through connect through their dreams and together form a bond that transcends through time.

This is easily the best looking anime movie this year, the artwork in this movie is gorgeous. The details are outstanding at its a pure joy to look at. Once again Makoto Shinkai has out done himself and delivered an... More artistically unforgettable movie.

Along with the beautiful artwork the story is also incredible, though what starts as a cliched love story becomes something so much more around the movie’s second act. Accompanied by sci-fi and fantasy elements the story enthralls from start to finish. The characters are charming and funny, and though the movie is very strong with its romantic presence, the comedic parts also hit.

As mentioned the movie is very cliched in terms of its romantic aspects, also like similar to other Makoto Shinkai movies it starts quite slow, however if you’re a fan, it’s an issue not worth thinking of.

If you’re familiar with Makoto Shinkai’s work, you know what you’re getting into. That said, Kimi no na wa is without a doubt one of the best movies of the year, from the captivating romantic story to the hard hitting drama, this will no doubt pull the heartstrings of many. The movie is lovely to look at, the characters are great and the fantasy / sci-fi aspect of it is fascinating. This movie is a masterpiece and without a doubt the best anime movie of the year.Hide

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  • First-rate Japanese anime is a taste that anyone can acquire in the time it takes to watch a film like this, and it should confirm Shinkai's reputation to genre-lovers around the world, who know his poetry-inspired The Garden of Words. Full Review

  • This vividly realized and emotionally satisfying feature ought to make Shinkai a household name - certainly in Japan, and with any luck, in other countries as well. Full Review

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