You Were Never Really Here

Review: You Were Never Really Here

14 Nov 18

Slow-burn Phoenix

Slow-burn, moody, combat vet rescues kid movies are always in the shadow of Taxi Driver, but director Lynne Ramsey delivers the existential dread in spades. With shades of brutal Brit noirs Get Carter and Mona Lisa, a dash of Man on Fire, and a powerhouse performance by Joaquin Phoenix, it’s mesmerising, dark and broody, but never connects emotionally, leaving the viewer a voyeur to the seedy underbelly of modern life on screen. Which may well be the point. Worth seeing for Joaquin’s immersive performance and Ramsey’s taut direction, but ultimately it can’t escape a feeling of been-there, seen-that, washed-up tough guy gains redemption by rescuing innocent kid déjà vu.