What's Your Number?

Review: What's Your Number?

29 Sep 11

To date or not to date?

Anna Farris plays a more endearing role compaired to her normal 'spoof' flicks of recent years. Its kinda like 'Easy A' meets 'The Notebook' (in a simple sense), with a 'Princess Diaries'/'Sweethome Alabama' ending, if that makes sense... Its a rom/com and you know it, dont watch it if your a cynic, but if your a lovebug, you'l enjoy its romantic flavour. Its palletable in a popcorn sort of way, so just remember the genre. Had me lol few times, but not a film to watch twice.
Genre : romantic comedy
4/5 : in its genre, not my thing, but well written and popcorn rom/com :-)