Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Review: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

By Bonux
29 Dec 08

Fun and clever.

Great movie. It is neither over romantic nor crude, there is no cliches, no taboos, no happy ending the way most Hollywood romantic comedy intends (which means no tears from the softies nearby). That movie is filled with everything likeable about the Latin culture and Woody Allen captured that free spirit perfectly. Barcelona and Osasuna are as beautiful as ever. The actors deliver great performances especially Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz (who is always at her very best when turning in Spain), the intent if there is one is not pretentious but for some this movie could be a revelation or a wake up call (watch it you will understand). By the way, that movie is not a girl flick, it is a movie about experimenting life (with or) without judgement or prejudice. Those (like me) who are not big fans of Woody Allen the actor, will be glad to know that he is off the screen. As a Director he has a real talent for narrating and illustrating awkward situations in the way we interact. Vicky Cristina Barcelona is about daring and trying as opposed to succeeding and failing. As we find out happiness is not in the destination but in the travel to get there.