Vampire Academy

Review: Vampire Academy

17 Mar 14

Still hope for Vampires in a sequel perhaps?

At can be argued what came first twilight or vampire academy in terms of novels. Sadly Vampire academy has lost the battle for first screen adaptation by a long shot. It was always going to be hard to separate itself from previous vampire movies. There is afterall so much you can do with a vampire before its not a vampire... I will always be biased I love vampire flicks and for me the originals are great dracula nd interview with the vampire the idea is romanced so to speak. Then came underworld and set the modern day benchmark, even Blade could not compare to this new breed of female lead vampires!!
Vampire Academy does not dare to be different it tries to be more accepted to the point where it doesn't work. It needs to embrace the darkness and seduce its viewers more with clever storyline, action, suspense and even more skin!!! I hope they make these changes in the sequels to do the story justice instead of cheesy half witted one liner jokes an quips...
A vampire lover will happily sit through it but can be tested at times...