V For Vendetta

Review: V For Vendetta

30 Nov 99


CLASSIC. This is the perfect time for this kind of movie to come out in and it says many daring things in very subtle ways. One advantage of being in a futuristic and somewhat comic booky environment that this film is set in, is that you can make extremely bold statements and get away with it. And thats what V for Vendetta does. Not half as action oriented as the matrix films, this film is more political than anything else. Wait during the ending credits and you will hear the voices of Malcomn X among other revolutionaries. As serious as this movie is, the heavy elements are very carefully and stylishly interwoven into a summer blockbuster movie.
Performances are all A list even though Portman's english accent isn't right on the ball. We'll forgive her for that because she is still very hot&cute with her head shaved :)