Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley

Undermined: Tales from the Kimberley

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Australian documentary exploring the development of the Kimberley region and the possible fates of over 200 remote Aboriginal communities. More

"Kimberley Traditional Owners – including activist, musician and Bardi man Albert Wiggan and academic and Yimardoowarra woman Dr. Anne Poelina – question what meaningful negotiation looks like and offer humanising portraits of those at the centre of this battle in Australia's spectacular north-west corner, which governments aspire to make 'the future economic powerhouse of Australia'. With the highest percentage of Aboriginal people living on Country in Australia, what will this mean for the Kimberley's custodians, lands and cultures, and will they survive these pressures?" (Melbourne International Film Festival)

2019Rating: M, Coarse language90 minsAustralia
DocumentaryFestival & Independent

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Flicks, Glenn Dunks

Flicks, Glenn Dunks

Australians are a fidgety lot, never settled with their place at the (so called) arse-end of the world. As a people, it is suggested that the white Australian is restless and eager to explore, confined by the ocean on all sides and fare more likely to hop on a plan to Bali or Bangkok, New York or London than they are to take a trip to their own native backyard.

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