True Grit (2010)

Review: True Grit (2010)

28 Jan 12

True Hit

The Coen Brothers rock. TRUE GRIT is a wonderful homage to the Wild West, and Jeff Bridges is superb. Working again with cinematographer, Roger Deakins, the landscapes are pure Western genre heaven. Why only 4 stars? Well, because in the modern Western genre you're up against Clint Eastwood's UNFORGIVEN and THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES and Sergio Leone's ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST and THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY - that said, the Coen's are easily in that class. Way at the top of the class. And, special bonus, Matt Damon is not annoying! Amazing (for anything not Jason Bourne)! Seriously - see it, if only for Hailee Steinfield as young teen Mattie Ross - she's outstanding!