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In this 3D adaptation of the Marvel comic, the reckless actions of Thor (Chris Hemsworth, Star Trek) reignite an ancient, intergalactic war. The powerful warrior is cast out of the world of Asgard and sent to live amongst pesky humans on Earth as punishment. Here he becomes protector when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the dark forces of Asgard to attack Earth. Anthony Hopkins is Odin, King of Asgard, and Natalie Portman is earthbound scientist Jane Foster.... More

The film marks Portman's first foray into comic book movies. Of her decision, she said: "I just thought it sounded like a weird idea because [actor-director] Kenneth Branagh's directing it, so I was just like, 'Kenneth Branagh doing Thor is super-weird, I've gotta do it'."Hide

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One of the less plausible comic-book heroes gets a handsome big screen outing in Thor, a cosmic tale of a fractured family that respects its source material while providing enough blocks to bust. As director, Shakespeare mega-fan Kenneth Branagh brings a sense of gravitas and dry wit to Marvel’s take on the Norse legend, assembling a solid cast and sidestepping potential silliness (mostly).... More

The otherwordly realm of Asgard is constructed by veteran production designer Bo Welch (Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands) and teems with glittering golden chambers and rainbow bridges. This is successfully brought in line with the Earth-bound Marvel reality already established in the Iron Man films.

It’s well cast, well designed and well intentioned, so it’s a shame that Thor isn’t well plotted. The story is never quite clear enough, Natalie Portman is wasted (not to mention poor Stellan Skarsgaard and Rene Russo), and the flow is patchy. The lack of genuine thrills and exhilaration mean the film never soars. It’s a set-up, a part-film, and there’s a nagging feeling that you’ll have to buy tickets to future movies to complete the whole experience.

Still, I enjoyed this much more than Iron Man 2. The promise of a truly stand-alone adventure has been thwarted again, but the fun Thor will tide you over until Captain America rides into town.Hide

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'Thor' was always the story with the greatest potential for failure in building 'The Avengers' story, but against the odds Branagh delivers the best Marvel film yet.

BY CSBright superstar

it wasint worth paying that much for the movie and there was basicly no 3d bits in it so dont waste ur money for 3d go to the 2d version but it was al right i quss

I agree that various talents of actors were wasted in this movie, appearing as standard "gap fillers". But over all I was pleasantly surprised as to how entertaining this was. Had many a good chuckle along with the audience.

3D was very well done, though some characters that appeared in panning shots appeared out of focus. Unsure whether this was artistic license or a technical issue. But this was not a dampening factor and found the image to be at times quite stunning. I loved... More zooming through the galaxies in some scenes and seeing dust particles and rain in others. I see some are not in favour of the 3d, which is cool. I sat back 4 rows from a medium sized screen of 30+ feet. Not so large you had to pan and scan but enough that it filled your peripheral vision.

Subwoofer fans should be happy ;)Hide

BY Ken-Burns superstar

but worth a look. It's no intellectual mindbender but fun and light. Reminded me of Flash Gordon with Sam Jones as Flash

Trailors pretty much gave you all the good parts. The 3D was not worth the watching save the $2 and go to the 2D version. Pretty gorgeous hunk lead actor who will be cast in a lot more action movies to come. The action shots were great to watch with the interaction of CGI. Left the cinema feeling like I had watched a movie but cannot remember all the good bits so only gave it a *** stars

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  • Turn off the snark-o-meter, and this is a return to form for Marvel, introducing a new hero we'll be happy to see again in, oh, about a year or so. Full Review

  • Chris Hemsworth gives a breakout performance as fallen Norse god. Full Review

  • The most problematic hurdle in The Avengers’ path is cleared with ease and some style by a film that makes a virtue of its inherent silliness. You’re up, Captain America. Full Review

  • Thor delivers the goods so long as butt is being kicked and family conflict is playing out in celestial dimensions, but is less thrilling during the Norse warrior god's rather brief banishment on Earth. Full Review

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