The Young Karl Marx

The Young Karl Marx

(Le Jeune Karl Marx)

Biopic of Karl Marx (Inglourious Basterds' August Diehl) and the beginnings of communism from Oscar-nominated director Raoul Peck (I Am Not Your Negro).... More

"Director Raoul Peck has described James Baldwin and Karl Marx as "the two feet I stand on... They frame who I am, my way of thinking and the way I analyse society." ... Forced into exile, Marx and his wife Jenny meet young Friedrich Engels in Paris in 1844. Though he is from a wealthy family of factory owners, Engels has studied the lives of the working class. This completes Marx's new vision, and sets them on the path to creating a political movement that will change the world. Meticulously reconstructing the conditions of the time that made it an era ripe for radical new ideas, The Young Karl Marx is an intelligent and absorbing film." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

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  • At once historically impeccable and a filmic disappointment. Full Review

  • There is talk, talk and more talk. It should be dull, but it isn’t. Somehow the spectacle of fiercely angry people talking about ideas becomes absorbing and even gripping. Full Review

  • It's dutiful, but it's also superficial and polite, and it commits the genteel sin of the old biopics: It turns its hero into a plaster saint. Full Review

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