The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Review: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

18 Nov 11

beautiful, touching - less teen more romance.

This movie is the first I did NOT at ANY given time cringe at the poor Stewardisms Kirsten seems to put into every one of her characters: 5 minute pauses to dialouge, lip biting and hair combing. For the first time I trully believed in Bella and Edwards relationship.

Also another side note: TWILIGHT got the last book RIGHT. Harry Potter's final part 2 of the second book had too much flash back and not enough dramatic ending.

This movie beautifully ties in moments of past movies and gives the audience time to cherish the years they have been following the movie: it is CLEAR here the director has done so NOW, in order to clear the air for a dramatic (SPOILER-ish) Volturi CLASH in the end movie.

It was very romantic. and very loving. I believed the true emotions in their honey moon scene, and it allows you to think back to your first time. I saw myself in their awkwardness, in her getting ready. It is almost in a sense, a 'the notebook' for a younger audience.

BEAUTIFULLY DONE, the best movie so far.

ONLY BAD PART - this scene was so beautiful that the fight at the end was pathetic. Also (SPOILER) the way Jacob imprinted was BEYOND cheesy. But other than that I LOVED Bella throughout the movie.