The Third Richard

The Third Richard

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The lost music of German composer Richard Fuchs is examined in this NZ documentary by grandson Danny Mulheron, and Sara Stretton. More

Richard Fuchs, a gifted Jewish musician, composer and architect, lived in 1930s Germany and had been desribed as the natural successor to Wagner and Strauss. Forced to flee the Nazis, Fuchs moved to Wellington in the 1940s. No longer persecuted, just ignored, Fuchs was a man out of place and out of time. An enemy in Germany because he was Jewish, and an enemy alien in war-time New Zealand because he was German. His music is just now being re-discovered in Germany.

Find out more on Richard Fuchs here.

200982 minsNew Zealand

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Dominion Post

Dominion Post

The Third Richard is a genuine labour of love: an unashamedly personal film that deserves every success. Go and see it.

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