The Souvenir

The Souvenir


A young film student (Honor Swinton-Byrne) becomes involved with an untrustworthy man in this Sundance Grand Jury Prize-winning drama. Co-stars Honor's mum, Tilda.... More

"Between script pitches and camera setups, Julie hosts a film-school cohort party where she meets a mysterious man named Anthony. A few days later, Anthony invites Julie to a grand hotel and asks to stay with her for a few days. Thus begins Julie’s first serious love affair. Ignoring her friends and borrowing large amounts of money from her parents, Julie surrenders to the relationship and prioritizes Anthony’s needs." (Sundance Film Festival)Hide

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  • This is an illuminating (self-)portrait of a young artist as well as a mesmerizing chronicle of a consuming, destructive relationship that steadily inches its way under the viewer's skin. Full Review

  • Achingly well-observed in its study of a young artist inspired, derailed and finally strengthened by a toxic relationship... Full Review

  • Refrigerated and mysterious: uncompromising, uningratiating: an artefact in the highest auteur register, but a film that creeps up on you – from behind. Full Review

  • BBC

    Joanna Hogg has form in discovering talent. Full Review

  • One of the pleasures of Hogg's movie is how sneakily it takes shape, and how carefully it avoids the obvious beats to which storytellers often resort for the sake of dramatic expedience. Full Review

  • To watch Swinton-Byrne's 24-year-old Julie - angelically innocent, soft in voice, curious, a touch embarrassed by her Knightsbridge privilege - is to make the kind of immediate heart-to-heart connection with an actor that only the movies can broker. Full Review

  • All of The Souvenir's brief, lilting tesserae coalesce into a richly affecting whole, an elegy for a lost love and a humble appreciation of, and reconciliation with, one's own early fumblings into adult life. Full Review